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Solving integration problems with Apache Camel

When 2011-07-12 | 18:30:00  
Event Title Solving integration problems with Apache Camel
Presenter DJ Daugherty
Where OCLC's Kilgour building auditorium
Event description:


Enterprise integration is a hard problem. Not only you have deal with multiple applications build using various programming languages and 
deployed in various platforms, they also speak different protocols. In this presentation we will introduce you to an open source tool
integration framework called Apache Camel. This tool implements all the well know integration patterns from “Enterprise Integration Patterns”
book by Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf and provides you with a nice DSL to integration heterogeneous systems.

Here is the outline of the presentation

  • What is Camel?
  • Talk about enterprise integration patterns
  • Camel under the hood
  • Code example integrating 2-3 applications using Camel
  • Synchronous vs Asynchronous application
  • Designing application based on message passing using Camel


DJ Daugherty

DJ been using state models and asynchronous processing for many years to solve business problems for companies of all sizes.  As small as a logistics software company responsible for the routing of trucks, a web hosting company responsible for the handling of website malware detection, to large-scale financial electronic processing and natural gas logistics management.  Dj currently does freelance work within the technology and agile world along side Pillar Technology Consultants.  DJ likes to create business solutions for business problems… this might include the use of technology.  DJ is all about people.  He loves to take seemingly complex problems and find simple solutions, providing business value and hopefully a great return on investment.  He is a big fan of the under-rated vi editor and I loves to ‘eat, sleep, and breathe’… fly fishing.

Nilanjan Raychaudhuri

I am Nilanjan Raychaudhuri working as agile coach/developer/consultant for Pillar Technology Inc. ( I write software for a living. But since I enjoy creating things and solving problems, I also write software on my pastime. I am currently working on scala-webmachine (restful resource framework). In past I worked on other open source projects like Panopticode, scala-inline and autotest4j. When I am not working on projects I play with functional programming.

Currently writing a book on Scala programming language called “Scala in Action” from Manning publication and run a polyglot meetup group called “Columbus Polyglot meetup group” every month.

Venue OCLC's Kilgour building auditorium
Street address 6565 Kilgour Place Dublin OH 43017-3395

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