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when: 02/14/2017 | 11:30 - 12:30  
Event title Functional Testing with Geb
Where: OCLC's Kilgour building auditorium - Dublin
Category: 2017 Meetings
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Getting started with automation testing can be intimidating with all kinds of technologies being thrown around the conversation such as Gherkin, Selenium, cucumber, web drivers, etc. It shouldn’t be a difficult or intimidating venture to ensure that your application is behaving the way it’s intended, and that’s why this talk will cover Geb, a Groovy based automation testing framework. In this presentation, you will learn how to configure Geb and write simple tests taking advantage of some useful built-in features of Geb, all while using Spock as the testing and specification framework, allowing for highly expressive tests. You will also dive into the jQuery-ish navigation, page objects, modules, and form control shortcuts that make testing your applications a breeze.


Justin Schoen is a full stack developer and consultant for Manifest Solutions with a bulk of his experience coming in the Groovy and Grails environment. He has a passion for creating sick UI’s and writing clean code. In his free time he enjoys watching the Columbus Blue Jackets, spending time with his girlfriend, lifting weights, and hacking his way around the golf course.

Venue OCLC's Kilgour building auditorium
Street: 6565 Kilgour Place
ZIP: 43017-3395
City Dublin
Country: OH
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